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K series - Helical-bevel gear units

  • Power range: 0.12–200kW
  • Ratio: 3.5–191 (imax: 12889)
  • Torque: 155–50000 N.m


Modular design makes short turnaround;
En-block casting housing and well rigidity structure, high load, stable transmission and low noisy;
Fluorine rubber oil seal prevent leakage;
Gear with advanced grinding and casting which showed good performance in working;
Good value for money and less maintains.

Part characteristics

Housing materials are high strength grey cast iron and nodular cast iron;
Gears, pinions and bevel gears are made of high grade alloy with carburize-harden technology.
Hardness of teeth surface reaches 58-62 HRC, grinding precision reaching class5-6 and even 3 if required;
Shafts are made of alloy via heat treatment;
Standard accessories such as bearings and oil seals are provided by international a national famous brands;
Good assembly environment, standardized assembly technology, 100% strict quality assurance inspection and regular type test.

Main application

Harbor & ship building
Hoist & transport
Electric power& energy
Coal & Mining
Cement & material
Paper industry
Chemical & recycling