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R series - Worm gear units

  • Power range: 0.12–7.5kW
  • Ratio: 7.1–63 (imax: 2500)
  • Torque: 36–553 N.m


Unique modular design, general applications of components are maximized, which is convenient for international production, storage quantity is small, supplement circle is short.Unique modular design, allocation exchange degree of functional attachments flexibly satisfies various kinds of required structures, arrangement form and different working situations of customer equipment.
Homodromous shaft output, worm box can be used together, thus reduce driving source.
Optimized worm gear contact pattern. The transmission accuracy is high, bearing capacity is large.
It can get large transmission ratio with single level transmission, the transmission is stable, it owns foot mounting, flange mount, shaft mount, shaft mounting and various kinds of mounting methods.
Vibration, impact and noise are low.
It owns foot mounting, flange mounting, shaft mounting and various kinds of mounting methods, which can satisfy various kinds of mounting requirements of customers.

Part characteristics

Housing materials are high strength grey cast iron and cast aluminium;
The material of worm is tin bronze, the worm rod is alloy steel, which is grinded after carburizing and quenching; the material has good anti-gluing and anti-abrasion performances, the lifespan is long;
Shafts are made of alloy via heat treatment;
Standard accessories such as bearings and oil seals are provided by international a national famous brands;
Good assembly environment, standardized assembly technology, 100% strict quality assurance inspection and regular type test;
Fluorous rubber sealing piece, with good high-temperature resistant, anti-aging and anti-abrasion performance, it is safer and with longer lifespan in complex and bad working environment.

Main application

Modular, high standardization, components of few specifications and models. Wide power, torque, speed ratio covering range.
The products are widely applied in electricity, coal, cement, metallurgy, harbor, agriculture, shipping, lifting, environment protection, stage, logistic, weaving, paper making, light industry, plastics and other regions.