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HB Heavy-duty gear units size 4-12

  • Power range: 3–2000 kW
  • Ratio: 6.3–400
  • Torque: 6.2–78 kN.m


Specially designed for heavy industry.
Unique modular design easy for cross country production, low stock, short delivery time.
Ecologic design with independent intellectual property rights.
High strength cast iron housing with frame structure force design, line layout transmission shaft, high reliability and load capacity, low space and noise, long service life.
High purity alloy steel gear, strong shock resistance, profile ground gears improve the load capacity, cooling and noise lowering performance, stable transmission.
Fluorine rubber sealing with good anti-leakage performance.
High cost performance and low maintenance.
Optional accessories.

Part characteristics

Housing materials are high strength grey cast iron and nodular cast iron;
Gears, pinions and bevel gears are made of high grade alloy with carburize-harden technology. Hardness of teeth surface reaches 58–62 HRC, grinding precision reaching class 5–6 and even 3 if required;
Shafts are made of alloy via heat treatment;
Standard accessories such as bearings and oil seals are provided by international and national famous brands;
Good assembly environment, standardized assembly technology, 100% strict quality assurance inspection and regular type test.

Main application

Hoisting, lifting and transportation
Electricity and energy
Coal minerals
Cement construction
Paper and textile
Chemistry and recycling